Open-source type foundry

License can be found here.

full auto foundry is a workshop based type foundry that explores how processes of automation can influence the design of typefaces.

Using analogue tools, participants are encouraged to draw letterforms without thinking too much about what the letter should be. Absent-minded drawing or doodling replaces thought-out design, leading to alphabets quickly (sometimes slowly) emerging from the repetition of mark-making. The quality, in a traditional sense, of these letterforms becomes less important than the quantity of them; quantity becomes quality.

Outcomes vary in beauty and ugliness, smoothness and roughness. The sketches that participants produce are scanned and then go through a process of digital automation: vectorised, imported into FontForge, exported as both a .TTF and a .WOFF and finally uploaded to this website. The typefaces on this site are all results from previous workshops.

For any information about the foundry or if you would like to request a workshop please get in contact!



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